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Prayer Shawl

& Anointing Oil


Dedicated according to Acts 19:12

The Mantle of Joseph

The Mantle of Joseph: Those with the Mantle of Joseph are given prophetic powers of revelation, spiritual understanding, and authority to establish heaven on earth. The mantle of Joseph is divine authority, and a governmental grace, to interpret the dreams, goals, visions, and plans of leadership, as well as carry them out.

Our Prayer shawl & oil of many colors is prayed over and dedicated according to Acts 19:12. The anointing will heal the sick and deliver them from demonic oppression. 

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Molly Rivera

Just received my anointing oil and prayer shawl. I GOT THE CHILLS WHEN I OPENED IT! It's beautiful. I also love the bottle Evelyn J. Osorio


Soraya Lloren

Sis, when I opened my package...I immediately put it on and I felt an overwhelming sense of peace! Used oil on my husbands neck and pain was alleviated with tingling sensation.

2022-05-28 (2).png

Maria Sanchez

Amen. Well when I wore the prayer shawl one night, I was renouncing some things and that's when my body started to move and shake and I was thanking Jesus in the middle of it. After, I felt a sense of peace. I am thankful for the shawl because I knew it was a gift from God that He used you to deliver them. Thanks for the gifts.

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