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Embark on a journey with your child. This book was written inspired by the Holy Spirit as a tool for adults to help children with their own personal walk with God. This story is about a little girl named Alissa who gave her heart to Christ. However, she finds herself struggling with her identity and life as she knew it.  So, as the wonderful God that He is Jesus gives her a visitation to help her sort out some feelings she is struggling with like, loneliness, anxieties, etc.  In this visitation, Alissa found more than her identity in Christ she found a REAL relationship with God. This book also offers a time of "reflection" this was created to help you the adult understand how your child feels and it creates a funnel of open communication about their faith. This is for all the little brothers and sisters in Christ that would like to have somehting that can be relatable in their walk with the Lord. Sometimes seeing their walk in a story can make them feel inspired to seek and find out what touched them so!


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